How Product Videos Increase Conversion Rate | Boost Dropshipping Sales

Do you want more traffic to your drop shipping store or Shopify store to generate more sales and increase conversion rate? But don’t want to wait a year before you have to see results, Then this blog post is for you. Hey everyone, I’m Abishek and inthis article i’m gonna tell you how to maximize your sales and traffic leveraging video.

See, the cool thing about the video is, you can see results faster than traditional SEO or most marketing channel out there.

Question: How many of you have noticed that your social engagement has dropped?

I bet you almost all of you are gonna say yes, because it has and here are the steps that you need to follow to get the engagement to go back up.

How videos get more sales on shopify :

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All this social networks are gonna prefer video in 2019. Linkedin now has live, there is YouTube live, there’s Facebook live, and Facebook loves videos. Instagram even likes videos more then images now. And they are gonna push on that harder and harder and the reason being is they wanna take over television network. And that’s why they’re pushing so hard on video. So you need to start creating video today to increase conversion rate.

Everyone knows that images worth a thousand words. But none knows that a product video worth a thousand sales. According to the analytic 64-85% of the video viewers more likely to purchase after watching a product video. Because online video marketing is taking over the internet world right now.

How To Make Dropshipping Videos Ads That Sell:

Making a shopify video ad is not an easy process. You have to plan each and every seconds frames to grab your audience attention and engagement. Sometimes, product video marketing can both inspire and backfire at the same time. That’s all depends on the editing process and style.

So, the best choice is to hire a professional, local company to create an eye catching viral video of your product. You will get all the benefits of their experience.

Get Your Shopify Facebook Video Ad Here:

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Here I have provide a Fiverr gig which will provide an extreme offer to create a most engaged product video (Just $15). And you can order the package depends on your need to Increase Conversion Rate. This Fiverr Gig provides an eye catching & viral Facebook and Instagram Video ads for your Dropshipping Product of Shopify, Amazon, Woocommerce etc.

With this Gig you can get,

  • Clean and 1080p high-quality Viral Video
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  • Added logo
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  • 3 Revisions
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Watch the sample video that will Increase Conversion Rate and sales: