ISHELT  is an independent production company located in Tamil Nadu, India. It was formed in early 2011 by Abishek Easter Raj. Since then, the company has produced animated web series, animated sorts and freelancer projects ,  animated YouTube series Comedy-man is the popular one on the internet.


ISHELT aims to bring decent work to talented young animators in India and to employ people based on their ability and not on their renown. Our ultimate goal is to enhance the Indian animation industry’s profile by expanding the possibilities for what an indian production can be. So many of Indian’s best and brightest go to America because they can’t get interest for the projects they want to make here. It would be wonderful if Indian animators could focus on entertaining their audience and didn’t have to incessantly promote the “Indian identity” (whatever that is) or the nation’s tourism industry just to attract funding.

Abishek Easter Raj . A

Abishek Easter Raj . A
Abishek Easter Raj . A

Hi! everyone Welcome to Ishelt. I am Abishek Easter Raj. I Love Animation. My profession & passion is also Animation. So I started my YouTube channel named ‘ishelt’. I make cartoons as fast as I can and hopefully I can make you laugh along the way. Thanks for watching my videos and thank YOU for subscribing.

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Comedy-Man animated web series 2017